Surplus Stores Surplus Disposal

Property Disposal Information


To submit a Surplus Disposal Request (SDR) go to myFacilities, log on using your AD account, click on “Work Requests”, then select “Request pick-up or drop-off of Surplus items”.

Confidential Material: Before you send any items to Surplus Stores please make sure that you look in all furniture drawers such as desks, file cabinets and even refrigerators for any potential confidential materials including documents, hard drives, thumb drives etc. Surplus Stores will do a quick check, but it is the departments responsibility to make sure sensitive items are removed from surplus items.

Laptops: If you’re sending laptops to surplus and they do not have a WSU inventory number please contact Property Inventory prior to submitting them on the SDR. If your laptop has a WSU Inventory number but is not found when the number is entered, please contact Property Inventory prior to submitting on the SDR. Surplus stores staff will only pickup laptops that are listed on the SDR as University Inventory or with prior approval from Property Inventory.

Items Not Accepted by Surplus

  • Hazardous Chemicals or Waste
  • Sharps such as used needles, used surgical knives.
  • Friable Asbestos
  • Batteries (used alkaline batteries, example AA, C, D, AAA, 9volt)
  • Jars or containers that contain liquids and powders
  • Barrels that contain oil or hazardous residues
  • Glass Thermometers that contain Mercury

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