Surplus Stores Shopping at Surplus

Shopping at Surplus Stores

WSU Surplus Stores receives and sells all items no longer needed by WSU. Typical items  include computers, audiovisual equipment, lab equipment, furniture, vehicles and more.  Items that are not sold to agencies are sold through public sales.

WSU departments, State Agencies, Non-Profit organizations, school districts and municipalities are welcome to shop from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday – Thursday. During our Friday public sales, we ask WSU departments and qualifying agencies to observe our public shopping hours, 10 am – 3 pm.

State Agencies, School Districts and Municipalities

Agencies can register with us using our registration form. This form is used for billing and  contact information and it also gives authorization for members to make purchases on behalf of your agency. For agency purchases, we accept purchase orders. A packing list will be provided at the time of the sale and an invoice will be sent to the billing address listed on  the registration form.

WSU Departments

When shopping for your department please bring a signed Interdepartmental Requisition and  Invoice (IRI) for payment. Delivery is available for items sold to departments. Please contact  Surplus  Stores at 335-3089 for delivery fees.

Non-Profit Organizations

In order to purchase from WSU Surplus Stores, non-profit organizations must be currently  registered with the IRS as a 501c(3) or 501c(7) organization. Prior to making purchases, non-profit  organizations must register with Surplus Stores using our registration form and provide a copy of their 501c(3) or (7) status confirmation from the IRS. Purchases can be made by buyers listed on  the agency registration form. A packing list will be provided at the time of the sale and an invoice will be sent to the billing address listed on the registration form.

Public Sales

Surplus Stores is open to the general public every Friday for pre-priced items and sold on a  first come – first serve basis. Store hours are 10 am – 3 pm. Surplus Stores will also have live auctions at  our location approximately every other month. Surplus Stores also sells items on several different online auction sites. Go to our online auction page to get more info. To receive notice about our upcoming auctions or about featured items that will be available in our Friday pre-priced sales watch our website or sign up for  our email notices.

Surplus Stores PO Box 641101 – Pullman WA 99164-1101 – 509-335-3089 – Contact Us