Surplus Stores General Storage

General Storage

The General Storage Building has a limited amount of temporary storage space available to WSU departments. If your department is in need of temporary storage space, please contact Keith Davison. In the email include how many items you have along with descriptions and how long you plan to keep your items in storage. We will assign you a space if available and notify Space Management.

See the Policies and Procedures Manual for more information.

Before you place items in your assigned storage space please complete our Storage Identification Tag. It is available online as a pdf file.

Each item or each pallet should have an identification tag securely attached. The storage area has a 130 pound per square foot load capacity. Example: a 40” x 48” pallet must not weigh more than 1700 pounds.

Appointments are required for all deliveries to General Storage at least 24 hours in advance to ensure that personnel are available. If you need Surplus Stores to pick up your items from your location and transport to storage, applicable fees will apply. Please plan for a 3-5 day period for your request to be completed. To schedule your items for transport call 335-3089.

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